It’s almost that time again: STRUMMERVILLE AT GLASTONBURY. We cannot wait to see you all back in those other-worldly fields of the Southwest!

Situated high on the hill by Worthy Gate, Strummerville is a traditional fix for all Glasto-goers, our humble stage has been – and always will be – host to some of the finest and eclectic talents out there. With the festival’s finest viewpoint, Joe’s iconic 24-hour campfire, cafe and CasBar, we look forward to welcoming you all with open arms once more!

“Playing by the Strummerville campfire was the highlight of our Glastonbury. It completely reaffirmed our belief in festival love and it was perfect to see faces old and new gathered on top of the festival all in honour of the late great. You’d be lucky to find a vibe like it anywhere else in the world.”The Mystery Jets

“Away from Glastonbury, Strummerville is a fantastic community like no other… then on those fields, it goes above and beyond. Strummerville is a mind-blowing, magical universe. A pure oasis set slightly away from the chaos below. To perform in that beautiful environment, on that stage in Joe Strummer’s honour… well, I can’t really see how one tops that.”Tom Bright


Photo by Tom Beard

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