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After the scintillating success of last year’s Festival, the Theatre and Circus office is already up and running and there’s a real buzz in the air about this year’s programme. Over five days, ‘T&C’ as we call it, hosts thousands of shows and activities, which added up total around 50 days and nights of continuous entertainment. There’s always something to see at T&C.

Proposals for shows and attractions have been popping up in my inbox since late last year and I’m busy making those hard decisions on how to whittle them down to around the 380 companies that we will eventually invite.

I’m so thankful to the thousands of acts worldwide who have Glastonbury right up there on their bucket lists of “must perform at events”,
and to our small army of workers and volunteers who give up their time to keep the show on the road, or fields in our case.

We are all also very much indebted to my late wife Arabella Churchill, who started the T&C ball rolling back in the early eighties, and whose legacy can still be felt today, seventeen years after her untimely passing: not only in the way in which we deliver this amazing array of talent, but also in the way the T&C area and crew at Glastonbury supports the local Children’s World Charity, which Arabella created as a direct result of her involvement with the early festivals. The charity provides creative and educational workshops for children across the South West of England.

For me, what really make the Theatre and Circus area so special is you, the audience: without whom none of this could happen and I wouldn’t have what I consider the best job in the world, making so many people smile and filling one of the most beautiful parts of Worthy Farm with joy and laughter.

I really hope to see you back in the fields this June for another wondrous few days of magical delight.

Haggis McLeod
Area Organiser 
Theatre and Circus.

Midnight Playground by Dan Green


Photography Above: Charles Gervais

Photographer: Ajay Chhabra


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