Fifteen years since the launch of the NYC Downlow, creative duo Block9 return to their spiritual home in Somerset with their legendary late-night parties, artworks, underground music, queer culture, and a brand new collaboration with Notting Hill Carnival.

Set across two spectacular fields, Block9 promise ultimate satisfaction…

Block9 West sees the most highly anticipated comeback of 2022 with queer nightlife institution NYC DOWNLOW plus its backroom counterpart MEAT RACK. And for one year only, GENOSYS SOUND SYSTEM pays respect to the legacy of free parties, DIY rave counterculture and music as a form of political protest, 30 years after the infamous Castlemorton.

Block9 East hosts IICON – the epic monument to our digital, post-truth age, and a brand new collaboration with NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL.

Block9 are proud to host a collaborative partnership between two of the biggest cultural events in the world: NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL and GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. United by their history, common values and goals, this year sees the two come together to bring the cream of West London’s Carnival culture to the heart of rural Somerset for the first time.

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