Beware, the area you are about to enter is known as the Unfairground – the field for subversive art and music situated in the South East Corner.

This warped and immersive zone is a fusion of strange amusements, peculiar side shows and late-night dance venues amidst a field of street art and sculptures.

The Flying Bus Stage takes off on Thursday with a Travellers Awareness night featuring The Gorga band live and Born On Road DJ’s, whilst The Salon Carousel is firmly rooted at the heart of Bristols’ underground and The Blind Tiger’s dystopian speakeasy roars both day and night with a packed line up of clubland DJ’s.

On your way in (or out) try your hand at Pop The Chicken, The Sweat Box or Send Up The Clowns and prepare to be thoroughly amazed by the Red Rash Inn Performers; Cleo Pantha, Frances Widow and Dott Cotton to name a few.

Expect the unexpected in The Unfairground.

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Photography courtesy of Ramona Carraro & Steve Payne

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