Greencrafts Village 2022

The GreenCrafts Village is located one field down from the Stone Circle and a place where you can take part in literally hundreds of healthy, sustainable and nourishing activities, learn new skills and make really beautiful things to take home.

Bustling with beautiful workspaces, the GreenCrafts Village is full of opportunity to experience the nourishing effects of hands-on craft on the mind, body and soul. Here’s a change to visit and be an active part of a relaxed and friendly environment where everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced hands.

Open 10am – 6pm Wednesday to Sunday MAKE & TAKE HOME
Free ‘Happy-Hour’ workshops 10am – 11am
Free ‘Have-a Go’ economy workshops offered by all crafts groups

Green woodwork, leatherwork, fresh flower garland making, pottery kilns and copper-smithing are just a handful of the craft experiences that await you!

The GreenCrafts Village operates entirely off-grid. Run on solar, wind and people power, come and re-examine a different or more traditional way of doing things, while connecting with natural, sustainably sourced or recycled materials!

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Full workshop listing  – The Greencrafts Village, Glastonbury 2022

FREE Happy Hour 10 – 11am, Wed to Sun (everything’s free to do on the field) 

FREE Have-a-Go : all day, every day 


Spoon axing. £3. Waynes Woods (+ spoon carving extra)   
Hazel flowers & wands. £3. Funky Furniture & Woodcraft (+ mushrooms & walking staffs extra) 
Lime carving. Free. Have a Go Woodcarving   
Wooden platter. £3. Green Device (+ plates & bowls extra) 
Hazel flowers, tent pegs,  ash mallet. £3. Rustic Carpentry  (+ twisty hazel walking staffs extra) 
Avocado carving. £3. Bee3 
Carving try-out. Free. Gary Orange   (+ carved chairs extra) 
Peddle lathe sticks try-out. £3. North Wind Blows (+ mushrooms & big wands extra) 
Lathed sticks try-out. Free. Spinney Hollow (+ greenwood swords, wands & staff extra)  
Woodwork advice. Free. Robin Wood  

Tent peg & cord making. £3. Wildwood Bushcraft  (+ fire by friction, fire steels & plant lore extra) 
Arrowhead carving. £3+ Golden Lotus Archery (+ longbow making extra) 

Basketry & Willow Crafts 
Bird feeder. £3. Juliet Hamilton Designs (+ willow ball, bee & dragonflies extra) 
Cordage Bracelet. £3. Wyldwood Willow (+ sculpture, frame baskets & bowls extra) 
Wind Twisters. £3. Rough Around the Hedges (+ willow / hedgerow frame basket extra) 

Incense, Perfumes & Skincare  
Smudge bundle. £3. Sister Smudge  (+ incense sticks & mala beads extra) 
Bath salts. £3. Faith and Betty (+ perfume, spritzer & bath bombs extra) 
Bath salts. £3. Wild Atlantic Soaps (+ seaweed soaps, bath bombs, salts & oils extra) 
Soap on a rope. £3. Compass Rose Soaps  
Massage candle. £3. Angel Gardens (+ creams, balms, oils & soap extra)  

Aluminum leaf pendant. £3. The Jewellery Workshop (+ silver rings & pendants extra)  
Stamped pewter key-rings. £3. Ground Zero (+ rings, bangles & pendants extra) 
Chain-maille key rings. £5. Past Crafts (+ bracelets extra)   
Ring-pull bracelet. £3. RP Art (+ pyramid mosaics extra)  
Copper tag /keyring. £3. Lost Treasure Silver Workshop (+ silver pendants, bangles & rings extra) 

Pottery & Kilns 
Pottery wheel, Pendants. £3. Raku-U-Like (+ raku glazing & kiln firing bowls extra) 
Sgraffito hearts. £3. Mud Mugs & Bells (+ mugs & bells extra) 
Smoke fired pendant. £3. Muddy Fingers Pottery (+ Raku tiles & pots extra) 
Pot throwing on a wheel. £3. Pottery Workshop (+ 1:1 pottery lessons extra) 

Kokedama mini hanging plants. £3. Kokedama Workshop (+ larger Kodedama extra) 

Flower Crowns & Head-Dresses 
Wool dredlocks & costume jewellery. £2. Broomy Hill Enchanted Garden Nursery 
Hair flower & button-hole. £3. Orchis Floral Design (+ full flower crown extra) 
Flower broach. Free. Ring a Ring o Roses (+ willow flower garland extra) 
Hedgerow mini head-dresses. £3. Spinney Hollow (+ full flower headdress extra) 

Stone carving. Free. Southern Stone  
Chalk carving. Donation. Tim & Sue Royan  
Stone carving letters. £3. Tom Clark  

Natural Dye, Stitching & Textiles 
Sewn fabric pouch. £3. Treadle Treats (+ bags & ruc-sacs extra) 
Naturally dye yarn. £3. Just Past Noon (+ knitted hats, silk scarves & hair scrunchies extra) 
Embroidered badge. £3. Needlepoint of Resistance (+ woven ribbon & hoop embroidery extra) 
Woven thread bracelets. Free. Glen Mooar Crafts (+ woven hangings ectra) 
Natural dye hankerchief. £3. The Dyery Society 
Fabric flower Hairclip. Donation/£3. Hapitat (+ floral headpieces & fascinators extra) 
Shibori dyeing /woad & indigo have-a-go. Free. Cordwainers Natural Dye Studio 
Felt hearts & stars. £3. Stab the Fluff  (+ needle felt gnomes, animals, birds, fairies & headdress extra) 
Pom Pom Keyrings.  £3. Forest & Dot  (+ pom pom headbands & dragons eye weaves extra)  
Sewn birds on driftwood. Donations/£3. The DIY Tribe (+ brooches, hoop art & automata extra) 
Furoshiki wrap. £3. Furoshiki 
Book binding, rag brooch, macrame key ring. £3. Darn It (+ rag rugs & plant hangers extra) 
Button Jewellery. £3. Camp Bunting (+ hand-crank sew bunting, bags & bottle holders extra)   

Wagons & Buildings Roundwood timber framing workshop & low impact building advise. Free. Tŷ Pren  
Iron wheel-banding demo & have a go spoke shaving. Free. RJ Jones Wheelwright  
Ali can shingle roofing for timber wagons. Free. Armadillo  

Origami metal boxes, flowers & wind sculptures. Donation. Circus Kinetica 
Rune branding. £3. 9 Ironscraft (+ forged pokers, amulets & jewellery extra) 
Leaf fob or candle holder. £3. Garry Johnson Artist Blacksmith (+ 1:1 lesson extra)  

Glass and Mosaic  
Hot glass straw. £3. The Glassblowers (+ glass pendants, pipes & sculpture extra) 
Stained glass two pane hanging. £3. Lightlust Stained Glass (+ stained glass & lead-work extra) 
Mini Mosaic. £3. Mixed Media Mosaics 
Mosaic. £3.  Kharma Mosaic  
Mini glass lamp shade or mosaic. £3. Recycled Stained Glass & Mosaics (stained glass & mosaic extra) 

Leather craft 
Leather bird pendant. £3. Rainbow Leathercraft  
Leather lession. Free. Past Crafts (+ pouch & belts extra) 
Quill Pen. £3. Axe & Paddle Bushcraft (+ rawhide parfleche envelopes extra) 

Shamanic rattles & drum beaters. £3. Running Horse Shamanic Drums (+deer skin drum & beater extra) 

Botanical monoprints. £3. The Old Stores Studio (+ relief, screen, colour swatch & gel prints extra) 
3D press. £3. Press Press Press (+ letterpress linocut extra) 
Print your postcard. £3. Past Crafts 

Bicycle Building & Repairs 
Cycle Flower Ornament. £3. Millypeds  (+ puncture repairs, wheel & tyre changing, 1:1 tuition. Free) 

These are the field’s ‘starter workshops’ with more specialist ones available at extra cost 

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