Greencrafts Village 2023

Celebrating thirty years of life-changing hands-on-making with Glastonbury’s brilliant festival goers, the Greencrafts Village (located just below the stone circle with stunning views across the event) is a truly must visit field where you can create life-long memories – literally crafted by your own hand, eye, heart and mind.

The Village specialises in natural, sustainable, holistic, craft traditions and is all about skill-sharing, with hundreds of daily workshops on offer (you can book or drop-by) including: green woodworking, blacksmithing, bow and arrow making, stone, wood and avocado carving, silver casting and all sorts of jewellery making. Plus learning how to thatch, throw a pot on a wheel, or even make a yurt or wooden framed building, plus fabric and fibre weaving, basket making, knitting, crochet, stitching and applique; as well as lotion, potion, soap and perfume making plus stained glass, pottery, raku and kiln making. Materials are natural and sustainably sourced and the rewards of hand craft making are profoundly positive.

The Greencrafts Village is a place to come to ground yourself, to rediscover your creativity, to learn ways to live lighter on the land, to chill out, and to create and take away a genuine special keep-sake of your own festival making. The whole field is off-grid, with only natural power (sun, wind, people). The atmosphere is lively and friendly, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed with loads of energy. Or you’re welcome to come and hang out amongst our beautiful hand-made seating, gardens and sculpture, or watch what’s happening from a shady spot under a tree or woodsmans shelter.

There is something for everyone from total beginners to seasoned makers.
All activities open on Wednesday at 10am and run daily until 6pm on Sunday.
You can always have-a-go for free and many workshops are also free or 5 pounds upwards, plus there’s a Happy Hour at 10-11am daily where all activities on the field are totally free. 


Field Opens 10am on Wednesday
Then daily from 10am to 6pm, Wednesday to Sunday
Daily free “have-a go”
Free Happy Hour: 10am – 11am, Wed to Sun (everything’s free to do)
Daily free workshops during the ‘Happy-Hour’ 10 – 11amHundreds of £5 workshops on offer
Drop-by or book direct in person with a craft group

Workshop listings
The Greencrafts Village @ Glastonbury 2023

Learn to Carve in Lime Wood Free Have a Go Woodcarving
Cutlery & Bowls Letter openers, Butter knifes & Wands £5, Spoons & Bowls £15 Amerton Art Studio
Wooden Spoons Blank cutting using an axe £5, Full Spoon carving £20 Waynes Wood
Bird Feeders, Bat & Bird Boxes £10-12, Nail Metal Art £5 Complete Wasters
Ash Mallets, Tent Pegs, Hazel Flowers £5, Twisty hazel walking staff £15+ Rustic Carpentry
Woodwork Wands £5, Gypsy Flowers £7, Walking staff & Mushrooms £7+ Funky Furniture & Woodcraft
Avocado Carving Talisman £5 Bee3
Peddle Lathe Mushrooms £5, Wands & specials £10-£20+ North Wind Blows
Wood Turning Beads £5, Swords, Wands, Staffs & Headdresses £10-£25 Spinney Hollow
Branding Letters & Symbols into timber items £5-£15 The Brand Stand
Wood Carving, Painting & Cordage Elder Beads £3, Cooking Spoons £20 West Coast Makers

Incense Perfumes & Skincare products
Smudge Bundles £5, Incense Sticks, Herb Bundles & Mala Beads £8-£15 Sister Smudge
Botanical Bath Bombs £5, Perfume, Rollers & Mists, £10-£15 Faith and Betty
Soaps, Tudor Washball £3, Soap on a Rope £4, Natural Soap Block £6 Compass Rose Soaps

Jewellery making
Chain-Maille Key Rings £7, Bracelets £15, Past Crafts
Deer Antler Beads & Rings £3-£5 Ancient Antler Crafts with Guerilla Archeology
Pewter Dog Tags £5, Rings, Bangles, Pendants, Keyrings, Earrings, Brooches £10-£20 Ground Zero
Aluminum & Silver Leaf pendants £5, Silver Rings & Pendants £25-£55 The Jewellery Workshop
Silver & Copper Stamped Tags & Keyrings £5, Silver Charms, Bangles & Rings £30-80 Lost Treasure Silver
Copper Penny Stamping £5, Silver Pendants & Bracelets £40-50 CuttleFish Silver Casting

Throw on a Wheel Free/donation, Raku Glazing & Kiln Firing Bowls & Pots £10 Raku-U-Like
Peace Doves Free, Sgraffito Hearts £5, Bells £15 & Mugs £20 (incl. postage) Mud Mugs & Bells
Raku Pottery Glastonbury Catch Tray £5, Raku Tiles £8, Pots £25 Muddy Fingers Pottery
Hand Build & Decorate Pot £5, Thrown & Decorated Pot £10 Pottery Workshop

Cordage Making £5, Fire by Friction, Spoon & Spatula Carving £10 Wildwood Bushcraft
Arrowhead Carving £5, Long Bow & Horse Bow making £35 Golden Lotus Archery
Flint & Steel Fire Lighting £5, Parfleche Envelopes & Buckskin Pouches £30 Axe & Paddle

Head-Dresses & Gardening
Fresh Flower head-dresses Corsage £5, Full Flower Crown £25 Orchis Floral Design
Hedgerow head-dresses £15 Spinney Hollow
Kokedama Hanging Plants £5, Large Kokedama £10 Kokedama Workshop

Learn the Basics of Limestone Carving Free Southern Stone
Learn Stone Carving 1:1, Lettering, Design & Cutting £5 Tom Clark

Woven Thread Bracelets & Hangings Free Glen Mooar Cottage Crafts
Fabric Flower Wearables Accessory £5, Floral headpieces & fascinators £10 Hapitat
Machine Sewing Button Jewellery £5, Hand-crank sewn bunting (2 metres) £10 Camp Bunting
Back Loom Tapestry Weaving £5-£35 Studio Sara Kelly
Embroidered Badge £2.50, Woven Bracelets, Indigo & Marigold Scarves £5, Spin, Dye & Weave a Wall Hanging Needlepoint Of Resistance
Free Style Machine Embroidery Patches and Pouches £5-£20 InStitchU
Pom Poms Keyrings £5, Pom Pom Headbands, Chrochet Badges, Lanyards, Bracelets & Dragons eye Weaving £10 Forest & Dot
Feltmaking, Needle-felt Heart & Star £5, Ears, badge, Gnome & Pictures+ £7.50-£15 Stab The Fluff

Building & Wagons
Round Wood Timber Framing workshop & Low Impact Building Advise Free Tŷ Pren
Aluminum Drink Can Shingle Roofing for timber wagons Free Armadillo
Steam Bending Yurt Poles Free, Steam Bent Bracelets & Bird Feeders £15-£30, Fridge Magnets £5 Millie’s Yurts
Thatch & Reed Free Tuition, Harvest Knots & Corn Dollies £5 Havin’ a Thatch

Willow Crafts
Willow Weaving Leaves & Fishes £5, Bird Feeders, Hearts, Bees, Dragonflies+ £10-£25 Juliet Hamilton
Basket Making & Willow Weaving Stars £5, Baskets £20-£40 Wyldwood Willow

Copper & Steel Embossed Pendants £5, Kinetic & Balanced Wind Sculptures £10-£30 Circus Kinetica
Blacksmithing Forged Pokers, Amulets & Jewellery £5-£20 9 Ironscraft
Blacksmithing Leaf Fob & Candle Holder £25 Garry Johnson Artist Blacksmith
Blacksmithing Pendant & Keyring £5, Bangles, Candle Holders, Lamp Hooks £20+ Cobalt Blacksmiths
Repousse £5, Cast Alloy Plaques £10 Coles Castings

Glass and Mosaic work
Stained Glass with Lead-work £5-£80 Lightlust Stained Glass Tent
Stained Glass & Mosaic £5-£25 The Glassmakers Yard
Glass Mosaic £5, Stained Glass Mosaic £15-£25 Recycled Stained Glass & Mosaics

Guitar Making Free demo Ben Crowe Crimson Guitars
Shamanic Deer Skin Hoop Drum & Beater £120, Drum Beater £5 Running Horse Shamanic Drums

Mono & Screen Botanical Monoprints £3, Screen Printing £5, Tote Bags £12 The Old Stores Studio
Linocut Printing £5 Press Press Press
Block Making & Printing £5-£20 DLJ Printmaking
Print a Postcard £3 each (or 2 for £5) Lino Stamping £7, Printing Block £15 Past Crafts

Bicycle Building & Repairs
Cycle Repair + 1:1 tuition Free (pay for parts) & Flower Ornament Making £5 Millypeds

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