Croissant Neuf

CROISSANT NEUF pioneered the use of Solar Power at festivals starting with Glastonbury in 1987. 

We bring a plethora of Off-grid entertainment within our legendary Croissant Neuf venue and self built wooden Bandstand along with inspirational Eco displays, a colourful cornucopia of interactive stalls and an unbreakable dedicated community within our long established field. 


Once again the World’s first fully portable Solar Generator, the SolarSystem Truck, powers the legendary Croissant Neuf Venue alongside Wind & Sun of Leominster; come and chat to our experts on his stand. 

Not only does the PA and lighting in the big top run completely off-grid, but also the backstage production office, Communications and our site lighting, proving that all you need for a good time is a field, a tent and a bit of sunshine. 

The SolarSystem truck has a 5,000 watt Solar array and 5,000 amp/hr of battery storage supplying an ever flowing torrent of musical submersion. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, the music never stops. 


Croissant Neuf Venue 

Thursday evening to Sunday night 

Croissant Neuf, within our modest ‘little’ Big Top, prides upon hosting some of the music industry’s best and upcoming newly founded gems, being a platform and major stepping stone to becoming magnificent shining stars……….Ed Sheeran being one of them!. With a wealth of fabulous local bands, many from Bristol, we also have an eclectic mix of genres from all over Britain and the world. 


Our Bandstand 

Wednesday to Sunday 

Powered by Wind & Sun Ltd and run by BIMM (Bristol Institute of Modern Music) students PA team. Between 12.00 and 15.00 each day is dedicated to new talented BIMM students selection taken from Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and London. The rest of the afternoon and evening hosts a quality mix of all sorts from our area and beyond and offers some open mic slots to musicians already on site. Wednesday and Thursday are highlights in our field capturing passer’s by exploring the festival before the main stages kick off on Friday. A perfect place to rest, relax and soak up the music and sunshine. 


Around the Field 

As always, keeping true to our ethos of a sustainable life and future, you can engage in a variety of stalls and exhibits all dedicated to our core cause, The Environment, Climate Change and Community and a love of our planet. 

Solar Sense, from Bristol, return with their popular “Chill and Charge fir Charity” Solar Tree. A calm and green space to sit and rest while charging your phone from the stored solar energy and the option to discuss Solar projects with the on site team. 


Ecomotive and the SNUG from Bristol offer creative solutions for building the places we live for a better planet. 

Many of us are struggling to find a home that is affordable, let alone ecologically sustainable or connected with community. However there are solutions to be found. Our interactive Self Build and Collective Housing exhibition, with our knowledgeable team and incredible array of ideas, will inspire and help you navigate through the options to discover the best route to create your home, your way. Whether you want to live in a more community focussed way, or simply want to build your own tiny eco-home, pop in for an inspirational boost to your day. 


English Garden Art, operated by James Golding from Taunton, is renowned in the Croissant Neuf Field for its creations made from Giant Redwood, including a colossal table and throne sets and giant mushrooms. 

Previously James has crafted unique acoustic chairs, resembling hollow eggs that produce a resounding hum when sat inside, akin to the mesmerising sounds of the didjeridoo. Building on this innovative concept, this year James is introducing 2 and 3 chambered chairs, meticulously tuned to create harmonies with 2 and 3 notes respectively, offering a truly hypnotic, meditative and immersive musical experience, when the frequency is hummed. 

English Garden Art, is based in Somerset and all timber used is sourced locally. Having collaborated with Croissant Neuf for so long he is now definitely part of the furniture!  


New to the field this year we welcome…… 

One Ocean – Secrets of the Deep – an immersive experience of whale song, sea creatures and mammals frequenting our seas often at threat, or near extinction, from illegal fishing practices, discarded fishing ear, age old hunting traditions and never-ending plastic and chemical pollution. 

Learn how together we can create cleaner, bluer, thriving seas and immerse yourselves in the magic of our ocean – and the ‘Secrets of the Deep’!  


Rockaway Park’s ‘The Chapel of Unrest’ 

Nestled in an unnatural beauty of Rockaway Park at Temple Cloud, The Chapel of Unrest is a crowdfunded monument to ‘Our People’ and the threatened act of protest. Designed, built and funded by misfits, visionaries, artists, creative and radical thinkers. Here at Croissant Neuf is a model representation of the Chapel as an art gallery, with information on Rockaway Park and an option to become a member! 

Also in the field next door to Croissant Neuf venue is Fat Belly’s Cafe, from Bridport, bringing you delightful and delicious platters of locally sourced and organic food nurturing your body and soul whilst tasting so dam good. 

Sit and eat or just sit and enjoy the ambience of our field at our tables and benches built from recycled scaffold planks by TT Woodwork of Devon, and the amazing Solar Canopy of Wind & Sun or thatched topped seats from Master Thatching Co of Oxford. 

All our seating areas, entrance and pond area are engulfed by majestic palms and plants of all sizes graced to us by Hillview Nursery from Honiton. 

Shemanic Art Caravan is just by our entrance of Flags and Fauna, showing a complete art exhibition on the caravan itself taking you through decades of musicians, politics and recycling! 

Outside the Croissant Neuf venue you simply cant miss the Giant inflatable Tentacles, from Designs In Air of Bristol, waving majestically to you, enticing you to the venue, whilst showing what else can be run entirely from Solar Power.  

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful, organic and sustainable area, created by a wealth of talented and dedicated mostly local people pulling all resources together to make a community oasis amongst the mesmerising musical madness of what is our Glastonbury festival………. 

See you there XX 

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