Croissant Neuf

In 2022, Croissant Neuf continues its legendary mission of subtly delivering the concepts of caring for our planet and ourselves through the medium of environmental displays, eco-friendly chats and workshops and oodles of Solar Powered music in our big top and on our Bandstand.

Croissant Neuf pioneered the use of Solar Power at festivals, starting in 1987. Since then Renewable Energy has become commonplace and now, on some bright sunny days, the UK runs on over 50% clean, green energy on it!!

We began with 2 x 12v car amplifiers running off of a couple of car batteries and over the last 32 years our system’s capacity has increased exponentially. This year, we shall be showcasing a top of the range Nexo digital PA and full LED lighting system……….It’s so good even Michael Eavis still can’t believe that we can run it all off of the sun!

We don’t just run the venue and Bandstand from Solar Power……..All of our Production, Site lighting and Communications runs from it too ! With help from Wind & Sun who are celebrating 35 years of providing wind and solar power music at Glastonbury Festival!


Thursday evening to Sunday night.
Croissant Neuf within our legendary modest ‘little’ Big Top, prides upon hosting some of the music industry’s best upcoming and newly founded gems, being a platform and major stepping stone to becoming magnificent shining stars……….Ed Sheeran being one of them. With an eclectic mix of all genres from all over, this year we have a wealth of fabulous local bands, many hailing from Bristol.


Wednesday to Sunday
Powered by Wind & Sun Ltd and run by BIMM (Bristol Institute of Modern Music) student’s PA team. Between 12.00 and 15.00 each day is dedicated to new talented BIMM students from Bristol, Brighton, London, Manchester and Ireland. The rest of the afternoon and evening hosts a high quality mix of all sorts from our area and beyond and offers open mic slots to musicians already on site. Wednesday and Thursday are highlights in our field capturing passer’s by that explore the festival before the main stages kick off on Friday. A perfect place to rest, soak up the music and sunshine!


Keeping true to our ethics and ethos of a sustainable life and future you can engage in a variety of stalls and exhibits all dedicated to our core cause, Climate Change, Extinction Rebellion and the love of our planet.

Next door to Croissant Neuf venue is the Fat Belly Café bringing you a delightful sumptuous platter of organic, locally sourced as much as possible, food that nurtures your body and soul whilst tasting so dam good too.

You can sit inside or outside at our tables and benches built from old scaffold planks by Tt Woodork all seated under the Solar Array canopy of Wind & Sun and Thatched top seats from Master Thatching Co. This seating and meeting area is engulfed by a majestic array of plants of all sizes graced to us by Hillview Nursery from Honiton.

The other garden area is our Pond and flora near the exhibits demonstrating the importance of our threatened wildlife and ecosystems. All life started in the water and we owe it to our ancestors to care for their descendants, check out Wildlife Ponds UK on FB, created by Andy Hope of Event Solar who built our Solar System truck that still powers Croissant Neuf’s PA now.

You won’t be able to miss the giant Bumble Bee in the field carved from Britain’s largest piece of Redwood by English Garden Art founder James Golding.

SeedSistAs are back again this year with their health-education community interest company running interactive Plant Medicine workshops from their Airstream Apothecary.

Whale and Dolphin Roadshow brings awareness of the delicate plight of the oceans with life sized whale and dolphin and an interactive base to learn and help out the wildlife of the oceans.

Next door is RAW with their awareness stall on Plastics here to inform and advice on what to do with them, or not! and can point you to where on site you can refill your own stainless steel water bottle!

Shemanic Art Caravan is just by our entrance of Flags and Fauna, showing a complete art exhibition on the caravan itself taking you through decades of musicians and politics and recycling! Other end of our arena is Ecomotive from Bristol with their Self Build creation on site and informative and interactive talks on Self Build Sustainable housing.

Always something to do and enjoy in the oasis of Croissant Neuf and take a little of their knowledge back home with you.

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