Green Kids Area

Green Fields are celebrating our 40th year at Glastonbury Festival! Join us in Green Kids for the year of the Wooden Dragon and ‘All that is Small’.

Children can have hours of fun exploring the majestic ship CADMUS, you will find her anchored in the middle of the Green Kids Field. For children aged five and over the upper decks are open from Wednesday 1pm-9pm and then 8am-9pm from Thursday to Sunday. Over 14’s & adults are welcome to climb up and explore between 7pm – 9pm, you will find an unforgettable view of the festival from the bird’s nest at the very top. Our ship is crewed by our trusty helpers, they are there to guide and support safe play. Please ask any of these helpers if you have any questions.

We offer a safe place for children of all ages to play in Green Kids Field, however, Parents and Guardians are responsible for their children at all times. 

For under 5’s there is a dedicated, secure and creative space to explore and enjoy. This year we are offering sensory play, water play, a mini mud kitchen, a spacious tent for shady breastfeeding, cuddles, naps, and story time, as well as a wooden toy play area for young curious minds and creative hands. We have a giant sandpit and a place to rest, recuperate and refuel.

This year Dragons big and small will be taking cover around the Green Kids Field. …..can you find them?
Come and listen to Magpie and the Dragon Egg telling stories in his nest under the great oak tree, he will be on a quest to waken dragons. There are some quiet places to sit under the Oak and activities for all people big and small!

Under the oak. when all is quiet, the festival fairies come out to play. You might not see or hear them, but they are there, dancing and tatting the small things others leave behind. If you look closely, you might spot a fairy house hidden in the green spaces around the site. Come and make your own fairy house to take home, inviting the fairies to live in your garden too.

Baby Oaks, for anyone who would like to collect their own little oak and make a start at growing your own forest come and find us under the big Oak at the back of Green Kids Field and take one home with you.

For music lovers, the next generation to tread the boards of our main stages! Come and find the performance marquee where you can learn to DJ, bring to life your very own rap, try out the drums, pick up a guitar and funk out on the bass. Find out how you sound on a loop, write your own songs and enjoy the hilarious sounds that our amazing crew can make on a mic! Beat Box till those cows (just up the hill) come home!

Start the day in Green kids with a gentle stretch and build up to some hand stands and cartwheels! Gymnastic sessions happening every morning along with the chance of some meditation from the wonderful folk who this year are bringing The Flame of Hope.

Artist Harriet Riddell will be sewing the scene around her and needs your help to get going! The work is made intuitively and collaboratively on a sewing machine. Harriet works observationally and stitches directly onto the cloth that which is unravelling before us , all done by eye. You must pedal the bicycle to power the machine! It’s a team effort with conversations, portraits, lyrics, fabrics, characters, and colours, you will all help to build this new and exciting art piece.

Living History Workshops will be keeping you busy in The Craft Marquee with crafty workshops throughout the festival. This year they’ll be making Ancient Games like the Anglo Saxons, learning about some amazing tiny creatures with Felted Beetle Badges, and creating Viking-styled Pewter Jewellery.  Plus, you can celebrate the Year of the Dragon and test out your circus skills by making some beautiful Dragon Poi.  And for those of you that find therapy in just using tools, come try your hand (and watch your fingers) at our very popular, Hitting Things with Hammers! All of our workshops use recycled materials to create all kinds of things that you can wear, play with, or use in everyday life.

Another Fine Mess are back with their silliness and love of the old slapstick style of Laurel and Hardy, with performances throughout the five days look, out for their walkabout in the Green Kids and the performance times in the games arena. …what could possibly go wrong…? Will they be able to dance themselves out of trouble this time? … for all the family…! Check them out here.

Free Fabulous and Fantastical Facepainting! Come and find our wonderful face painters under the oldest tree on the festival site in the back corner of the Green Kids Field. It’s over 500 years old and we are incredibly proud to be its “guardians” during the festival. You’ll find it’s a peaceful place to shelter from the weather. We have a Book Louge here too, a comfy, cosy place to read a book and chillout, find a new story or revisit the old favourites, something for all ages.,

Arbour Antics “Misspent Youth” is proud once again to be in the Green Kids Field. Amongst a whole host of vintage games for all the family, they will be bringing their popular vintage 10 pin bowling alley, no electricity required, do your best to impress!

We just know you will find your funny bones with the Comedy Club. Do you want to be a stand-up comedian? Learn from the pros and be taken through the process of coming up with material, honing it, and performing it on stage. You can learn joke writing, storytelling and improvisation, turn your funny experiences in to a performance, a sketch, a stand-up routine, and tell us ( and the audience )  in your own unique style! Suited for ages from 7-15yrs.

Banana Fish are offering to help you be your creative self with nature workshops. You can enjoy a whole host of natural materials for making something special to take home with you. From driftwood and shells, feathers and pinecones, make a dream catcher, a willow fish or other simple animal shapes. A miniature tree with all kinds of things to adorn it with, or just choose something from our workshop materials that sparks your imagination, and we can help you make something wonderful!

Misty the Robot Elephant is back by popular demand. She will have her safe keepers with her and will be parading the Green Kids Field throughout the festival. She does sometimes take a well-deserved rest, but, if you are lucky, she will take you for a little ride around the field. From her back you might spot Wishworks out and about blowing giant bubbles and being generally magical and mischievous, sometimes even on stilts, unless of course you find them in the Games Arena and join them being very silly, Jousting with wet sponges!

As ever we have the Amazing Camera Obscura offering you the chance to see the Green Kids Field and the festival beyond from a whole new perspective. If you’ve never been inside a camera obscura before you really will be amazed!
Returning once again by popular demand, Mr Browns Pig Puppeteer and Entertainer Presents a miniature pirate adventure using scenery, figures and model ships, with a soundtrack of music and sound effects. This is a unique piece of theatre for children and adults of all ages. Action, adventure, pirates, treasure, comedy, silliness, special effects and a set that must be seen to be believed. All hidden at the top of the Green Kids field waiting to be discovered. Check boards for show times.

Circus Eruption are back! The team will be bringing their infectious enthusiasm back to the Green Kids arena offering a mix of have a go circus skills, co-operative games and other creative shenanigans.

Studio Cultivate introduce us to ‘Insects of the Oak’, an exciting and fascinating workshop that explores the incredible insects that dwell within the Green Kids famous Oak, investigating how the smallest creatures that inhabit the Green Kids Area play a vital role in the life of its largest and oldest resident!

Lost Kids at the top of the field there is a Lost Kids Tent where dedicated Green Kids staff can provide help for any child who is lost, or for any adult who has lost a child.  The tent will be open from 9am till 7pm.  At other times, find a steward who will help you.

Have a wonderful Festival, we look forward to sharing it with you! 

Please see times of activities in and around the Green Kids Field.  


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