Oxfam at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival 2023 – what a year!

Thank you! You were incredible. We have no words…

Fireworks on the opening night at Glastonbury 2023

Well okay, here are a few…

Your voice was heard! More than 15,000 Glastonbury activists signed our petition to make the world’s biggest polluters pay into a fund to support the communities that are most affected by – yet least responsible for – the climate crisis. Together, we’re demanding change now.

Oxfam campaigner, Alan Shaw, inviting the crown to sing karaoke, at the joint charities Meeting Point, Glastonbury 2023

We shopped second-hand clothes in style – and looked good doing it.

The Park shop at Glastonbury 2023

We even stitched our way to a greener, fairer, future…

Textile designer, Alice Bowen, in joint charities tent at Glastonbury 2023.

And our wonderful volunteers loved welcoming you with a smile, as you took your first steps into the Festival!

Steward, Miranda Wood, checks a punter’s ticket at Glastonbury 2023

From the whole family at Oxfam… Thank you!

Thank you for making Glastonbury so special and for believing in the cause. We can’t wait to see you at the farm in 2024!

Oxfam Campaigners at Glastonbury 2023

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