Oxfam at Glastonbury

Read our blog: Oxfam celebrates Glastonbury turning 50!

Oxfam and Glastonbury have been working together for over 30 years to make world-changing things happen. From the alleviation of global poverty, to supporting Oxfam’s work with refugees, and gender equality through to tackling the sales of arms and the climate emergency.

Photo: Jillian Edelstein

The Coronavirus pandemic has stopped us from celebrating Glastonbury’s 50TH Anniversary Weekend, but it is during these very uncertain times where we have been truly overwhelmed by your love and ongoing support. It is this that enables us to continue our vital work around the world.

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Stewarding at Glastonbury 2019.

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis along at Glastonbury 2019.

Campaigners group photo on site at Glastonbury Festival 2019

Oxfam steward, Mark, scanning wristbands at Glastonbury Festival 2019.

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