Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers, 2023 

This year we are honoured to welcome, from the Sacred lands of Mexico, the Xicome Delegation of Elders and Peace Ambassadors. 

Xicome is a Song to Our Origins…A Universal Peace Movement of World Music and Healing Arts born in Mexhiko weaving webs, uniting dances, intertwining songs and opening hearts. Music reconnects us with the Divine, with our ancient memory, our origin, and our roots for an expansion in consciousness through this sacred language.

We are committed to promote peace, art, science, spirituality, rights for Mother Nature, awareness, health and wellness, preserve milineary cultures, encourage human development and spiritual growth, and generate research, based on the power of sound and music as a means, in benefit of all sentient beings and groups of society to generate a transformation in the collective and individual consciousness and intelligence to reestablish the harmony and peace of our Planet and Galaxy.

The name derives from náhuatl represents the sacred number seven. It’s phonetics (pronounced she-ko-may), when repeated several times gives the name of Mexhiko. This is the time that a musical evolution, will allow, through the power of music, to align our mind, body and soul as One, in unity.

See below for biographies and photos of Xicome members.

Xicome Program, inside and outside of Glastonbury Festival

Saturday 17th June
Glastonbury town, Avalon 

Xicome with the Call of Quetzalcoatl initiates a sacred pilgrimage to pay homage to the Sacred land of Avalon and its People with offerings for Peace and Unification.


Sunday 18th June
Glastonbury town, Avalon 

Unification Ceremony with the Celtic Nation and offerings to the Sacred Sites to Create an intercultural bridge of UNIFICATION and strengthen ties of peace, wisdom and healing for all our relations.


Wednesday 21st June
Stonehenge Solstice Gathering 

Solstice Ceremony is a date that we honour as a natural movement to align ourselves with the Cosmic cycles. Welcoming the dawn of a new day giving thanks to our Father Sun in a celebration to Call for Peace and Unity for Humanity with special offerings from Mexico, to the Elders and stewards of Stonehenge  to unite the Nations. The Xicome Peace delegation will share dance, songs, pipe ceremony and gifts,  so we unite in one Fire. one Heart.

10.30am-1pm – Glastonbury Festival’s Peace Parade 

A Sacred Peace Pilgrimage led by the serpentine movement of Quetzalcoatl in representation of our Peace Delegation  to bless the land and unite all the areas in one heart.

WOODSIES Solstice opening event Xicome: the call of Quetzalcoatle ritual ceremony.

TOLPUDDLE FIRE CIRCLE fire lighting ceremony with XIOCOME GLASTONBURY: The Xicome Peace delegation will share dance, songs, pipe ceremony and gifts, so we unite in one Fire. one Heart.

7.30-8.30pm The Common The Common Opening Ceremony 

Xicome: The Call of Quetzalcoatl Concert Ritual – PREMIERS @THE COMMON GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2023

This story to share this Message in the heart of Avalon was written before by our ANCESTORS. The world is at its peak and the moment is NOW, where the only medicine is Love. We are raising a Humanitarian Call to all Nations, Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Citizens, Youth, Activists, Artists, Men and Women to UNIFY in a collective Prayer for Peace. Through the Universal Vibration of Sound, The Call of Quetzalcoatl where the soul of the indigenous nations, elders, wisdom keepers and artists of MEXHIKO of the Anahuac will resonate, reconnecting Us with our roots and ancestrality, in one Heart.

This unique performance honouring the tradition, rituals and legends of Mexica/Toltec offer a message of peace, union, and respect for our ancestral cultures. The concert ritual is infused with the presence of the Elders, the spectacular voice of Grace Terry and the electronic music of Alyosha Barreiro, weaving dances, prayers and rites, copal and the cacao, the beat of the drum, the rattle, the conch, songs in nahuatl, fused with contemporary electronic sounds, taking Glastonbury on a journey through the legend of Quetzalcóatl, the rebirthing of a new era through Song and Spirit.

9.30-11pm  – King’s Meadow Festival Opening Ceremony

Uniting in one fire, one heart, celebrating the millenary Solstice ceremony through Sacred dance, song, prayer to unite with the brothers and sisters, calling upon the directions as we co create a Cosmic dance of Peace, celebrating the new dawn of our Father Sun, the prophecy of the unification of the nations sending a wave of love from Glastonbury to the world.


Thursday 22nd June
King’s Meadow Human Peace Sign 

On Thursday morning they meet in the Deepak Chopra meditation park – followed by a parade to Kings Meadow to be part of the Human Peace Sign. The human mandala creates an energetic field where the frequency today is to spread Peace and love to people, the world, universe and Galaxy. May Peace Prevail.

11.45pmXicome The Call of Quetzalcoatl – Ritual Concert in the Woodsies area.
Featuring Alyosha Barreiro Electrónica Pre Hispanica


Friday 23rd June
12 pm – 2.15pm – The Fireside, the Common – Lighting of the Sacred Fire for The Past, the Elders

Druid wisdom keeper Chris Park, Mexican Toltecs and elders Xicome, Victoria Sinclair and the Dharma Stars team will light the Sacred Fire which will burn from 12pm to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

The Astrological energy of this day is deeply about redemption and forgiveness – working beyond ancestral wounding and acknowledging that which went before but the need for us to release the burdens and shackles of the past.

You are invited to come at midday if you would like to learn more about the way of the Sacred Fire from Xicome and the wisdom keepers.  The Xicome Delegation of Elders and Peace Ambassadors of the Sacred Fire Council will share the Toltec teachings of Abuelo Fuego, Huehueteotl, Tatewari bringing a message of peace to UNIFY in love, through ceremony, song and dance, this is The Call of Quetzalcoatl.

At 2.15 we will prepare for the proper inauguration of the Sacred Fire and the Opening will commence at 2.30.

You are invited to bring a piece of paper with that which you wish to release or share remorse for in order to step onto your Highest Path and out of fragmentation and disconnection to all the realms.   By releasing our heaviness of spirit and ancestral burdens we create space for the magic of the weekend!

This will then lead into our panel discussions on working beyond the legacy of colonisation into beings of a Higher timeline, and to how we can reclaim our birthright to connection with nature and Pachamama’s energy.

2.30pm – 3.30pm – The Fireside, the Common – Opening Fire and Water Ceremony 

With Xicome, Chris Park, Victoria Sinclair and the Dharma Stars team. 

Honouring the elements through song and prayer, the altar of Grandfather Fire and Grandmother Water, with waters from many sacred territories from all around the world will dance through  the Atlchinolli,  the union of the Sacred Fire and Sacred Water balancing the masculine and feminine energy. A space to connect and share gratitude.

You are invited to bring a piece of paper with that which you wish to release or share.

3.45 – 5.45pm  Panel Discussion – Birth the New Earth – 

The Friday panel looks at working beyond the legacy of colonisation into a new time, where we can reclaim our birthright to interconnection and reciprocity with nature, our true nature and each other. For this conversation we are honoured to welcome Mac Macartney, Paul Powlesland and Guy Shrubsole from Right to Roam, Chris Park, Victoria Sinclair and Abuelo Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, Kuauhtli and Michelle from Xicome.  

With an introduction from Mac Macartney, we will explore how the stories and myths of the past influence the present. Hannah will ask questions about how we can embody the change we are in and social justice. 

Hannah Kendaru will host our Fireside panel conversations, bridging the gaps between the little liberations that are happening globally into The Commons Field. She will facilitate to honour clarity, instruction and empowerment. 

Bring your burning questions! 

Saturday 24th June 

11.45pmXicome The Call of Quetzalcoatl – Ritual Concert in the Woodsies area.
Featuring Alyosha Barreiro Electrónica Pre Hispanica

Sunday 25th June

12pm – 1pm  – Xicome: The Call of Quetzalcoatl  – GLADE MAIN STAGE CONCERT concert.
Featuring Alyosha Barreiro Electrónica Pre Hispanica

2.30pm – The Fireside, the Common – Fireside Stories – The Dragon and the Serpent – The Quetzalcoatl prophecy

The astrological energy of this day is very much about bringing past, present and future together to dream in a better world.

Come and learn about the power of 7!  In this lively weaving of timelines and possibilities, Toltec and Mexican wisdom-keepers, Druid Chris Park and Victoria Sinclair Padma Khandro share prophecies from around the world of the serpents and dragons and their microcosmic/macrocosmic energies. You will receive powerful transmissions that have never before been brought together in this format from all edges of the globe.   As initiates of the Serpent Dreaming we will share with you the prophecies of the Celtic and Druidic significance of dragon and snake, the Quetzalcoatl prophecy and the importance of 2027, the Rainbow serpent and tantric wisdom, shamanism and indigenous science.

Why is the Serpent an important fractal that helps us to step into our Highest purpose?  How can understanding of the Mystery School wisdom of Serpent Dreaming enable us to alleviate suffering on the planet and come to a Higher Truth and Wisdom?   How do the Serpents and Dragons connect and how do we step into this mythic realm to help the environment, create genetic liberation and to become modern mystics?


Xicome Ensemble

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Michelle D. Button Carrillo / Abuela Tukiama Tecuixpo Vrinda Devi

“Music is Food for the Soul, the language is Music and Sound, the Guide is Your Heart, The Medicine is Love, the Intention is Union, and the Gift is the Light, to Open to the Harmony of Life” is Michelle’s manifiesto.

Founder of Xicome, World Music and Healings Arts Festival for Peace, and creator of The Art of Healing with Sound, she has spent many years in the study of energy, vibration, sound, music and consciousness, acknowledging that science and spirituality, music and medicine are complementary and belong to a higher level of technology.

A Conscious Visionary, Alchemist of Sound, Citizen of the Galaxy, Ceremonialist, Wisdom Keeper, walking with elders from different traditions and cultures, she offers ceremonies, workshops, trainings, retreats, festivals, forums around the World.

Michelle is dedicated in promoting the evolution of consciousness for a culture of Peace and Rights of Mother Nature and Ancestral Traditions to restore harmony on the Planet for the wellbeing of all our relations through Universal Love


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Grace Terry

Consciousness Music Singer, Mantras, Composer and Producer. Grace Terry has more than 30 years on the spiritual path. A soul singer, songwriter, and producer of music of consciousness.

Grace is the art and musical director of the Network for Human Empowerment, has been on several TV shows and produced and presented various radio programs.

Having previously produced 8 records, Creator of the band “Grace In Gravity”, she most recently has just finished the recording of the album “Alchemy” which include the singles “Avalon” and “Maria Magdalena”

She is also a healer, meditator, Reiki Master, member of the Xicome Council and the founder of the Infinite Voice Academy, teaching meditation classes, voice workshops and offering concerts worldwide.

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Abuelo Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli “El Gorila”

Abuelo Tlahuizcalpantecuchtli, is one of the spiritual leaders of his community in Teotihuacán, who honors this sacred responsibility every day. Affectionately known as “El Gorila” among his community, the government, private and civil sectors have welcomed his efforts for the preservation of culture. He is the founder of the Toltec Cultural Center of Teotihuacan A.C. and Autoctona Dance Group Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Teopanacazco, and Elder of Xicome Council. The Cultural Center aims to preserve and teach the indigenous cultures of Mexico with an emphasis on the Toltec Teotihuacan culture.

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Abuelo Ehekamitl

A Toltec Elder, Wisdom Keeper and Peace Ambassador and Elder of the Xicome Council. Has led 40 years of Traditional Toltec Sundances, is a representative of the Sacred Fire Council 2027, 20 years supporting the Moon Dance, and now initiating Danza Ometeotzin. He leads workshops, vision quests, temazkales, works with traditional medicine, drum making, and a true medicine man, at service for his people.  Ehekamitl has dedicated his life, teaching, preparing, and walking in the Art of the Toltec, which is to live in harmony with all living beings, nature, and the surroundings.

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Itzkuauhtli Tlatuani


My name is Arturo Lopez Strempler. My traditional and cultural name is Itzkuauhtli Tlatuani (“Obsidian Eagle Bearer of the Word”). I grew up immersed in the pre-Hispanic traditions of Mexico; Through more than thirty years I have worked in diverse artistic and cultural expressions, such as the Mexicah dance, the temazcal, traditional medicine, scenic art with pre-Columbian references, painting, the production of clothing and handicrafts in weaving and fur, the music with pre-Hispanic harmonic instruments, the Nahuatl language, its philosophy and worldview.

We are currently preparing the prayer that we will share at Glastonbury for peace, awareness, unity and love, through music, dance, flowers and singing. XICOME.  Wisdom Keeper of the Xicome Council.

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Jorge Granados Nahui Ollin

Director of Grupo Dirección. Board member and partner of Xicome. Producer of events and festivals in Mexico and Latin America including, Rights for Mother Nature, Fuego Nuevo Ceremony, National Commission for Peace, Ometeotzin, Sundance, Rios Vivos Atoyac Xicome, Fuego Nuevo, and Aldea de Paz. Defender of the rights of nature and the cultures of native people. Weaver of relations between Elders of ancestral traditions to keep alive their prayers, dances, songs, and spirituality, strengthening the culture of peace and respect for nature.

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Alyosha Barreiro

Mexican musician, producer, and sound artist, with more than 26 years of experience. A graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, U.S.A. Alyosha Barreiro has performed on important stages with his different projects, always identified with his roots and challenging technology, managing to generate his own unique and highly innovative style. Among his presentations, the following stand out: Vive Latino, Reinauguration of the Welt Museum (Vienna), Amsterdam Dance Event (Holland), SXSW (Austin TX), Rotofest (Ecuador), September 15, Los Angeles, Day of the Dead. Capital Zócalo, Inauguration of the Monument “Estela de Luz” D.F. Among many others. Along with his artistic career, Alyosha Barreiro has continuously given master classes over the years, sharing his passion and unique point of view. His side project Prehispánica Electrónica has successfully positioned itself by performing continuously. At Glastonbury he will be presenting for the first time a new masterpiece, Xicome, the Call of Quetzalcoatl.

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And in collaboration with Xicome

Alejandra Cuesta

Alejandra Cuesta, director and founder of ExpressArte London.

International cultural promoter with extensive experience in marketing, massive event management and community projects in Mexico and the United Kingdom for more than 20 consecutive years.

She has been part of The Common team since 2011, introducing Latino bands and DJs into the Festival since then; graffiti artists, filmmakers and impressive and unique projects such as the Voladores de Papantla’s ritual which opened the Glastonbury festival in front of thousands of people and the media, achieving one of the most impressive moments for this international ritual in history.

The focus now has been to take advantage of this very important platform to expand awareness through the Guardians of Ancestral Wisdom, abuelos and spiritual leaders of indigenous communities with the intention of transmitting their profound knowledge to the world.

This year, for the second time, together with The Common, another of her proposals projects is invited to the opening of both The Common area and the festival with our guests: XICOME, THE CALL OF QUETZALCOATL, a Universal Peace Movement of World Music and Healing Arts born in Mexico.

Victoria Sinclair Padma Khandro 

Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 25 years.   She is well known as a cultural bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised ingenious elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, M.East and Australia. Her impressive training background includes; Transpersonal Psychology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Plant medicines, De-colonisation and Quantum, Consciousness and ancestral practices. She is also a plant communicator and Master-Teacher of Sekhem Healing,the Serpent Codes & Temple Arts.  Victoria’s dedication to healing communities has initiated various ground-breaking programs and she is also a student of Khentrul Rinpoche Rime Kalachakra Master.   She is co-founder of Dharma Stars  

Personal website 

The Wisdom Keepers’ Water Ceremony at The Common, Glastonbury Festival, 2019
By Kath Veitch

At last year’s Glastonbury Festival, The Common had the honour of hosting The Wisdom Keeper’s Water Ceremony. In the spirit of the roots and vibe of the Common, we came together that day with our own unique voices and energies to make a whole, to make some noise and to make a difference. We gathered on the Saturday afternoon in Samula, the new venue whose design is based on the sacred underground water caves from the Yucatan state in Mexico. Led by three of the Wisdom Keepers carrying ancient traditions from our own lands and those from around the world, we performed sacred ceremony to honour and offer profound gratitude to this land and the Waters of the World, and we all received blessings from the Waters. We sang and also listened to beautiful song, music and prayer as well as amazing speakers on the fascinating topic of Water, the essential ingredient to all life on this blue planet.

We heard from Matt Thornton on the New Science of Water that is ushering in a new understanding that will cause a paradigm shift across science, life and reality as we know it. We listened to the beautiful words of Charlotte Pulver who is mapping the Springs in London and who urged us to, “Hear the call of the land… visit our Springs… find the true treasure, bless it… Bless your water when you drink it”. We were also inspired and encouraged by Paul Powlesland who spoke to us about the growing movement worldwide that has and is granting waterways, mountains, forests and land their own rights as living, sovereign beings. The movement looks at ‘ecocide’ and aims to address the way western legal systems treat nature as property and a commodity. In the UK, the first example is in our very own Frome in Somerset where Frome is petitioning the British government to grant the River Frome “legal personhood” – in effect, giving it human rights.

Jyoti, the North American Wisdom Keeper, told us, “It is a significant moment here on this planet… the Waters are the blood of this planet. The Waters are an entity. They are a being. They have knowledge. They have wisdom, all of our Waters…The way they move across her skin and underneath her skin, and through her caves and out in to her oceans, connecting everything with Water… our bodies are the same imprint.” We are Water. Our bodies are 70% water, the same ratio as our home planet. Our brains are 95% water. Every living thing begins its life in water.

The tribal elders have always understood water. Given it is everywhere, we have known very little about it. Similarly to Jyoti’s words, Matt Thornton explained and demonstrated to us how water has self-organising structures, can carry information and has a storage or memory capability. It receives imprints from substances, activities, emotions, thoughts, prayers and intentions to which it has been exposed. Matt used a ‘Cymascope’ to show us the patterns that were made from the sounds of the entire ceremony. They were projected on the digital screens that envelop Samula. This instrument shows the incredible sensitivity of water to reveal vibrations of audible and inaudible sounds, and even our consciousness. Evidence shows human emotions are the strongest influence on the structure of water. Matt spoke of the “power of our prayer” and to “understand that your voice and energy behind your words makes all the difference”. He quotes Dr Emoto, the world-renowned Water Researcher and author of ‘Love Yourself’ and other books, “Your prayers will be taken to the rest of the world”.

Matt shared, “When we understand water, the road map for ending all pollution will begin”. He describes the vicious cycle where, “When we destroy our environment, we get sick and when we get sick, we destroy our environment.” Herein lies the understanding of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester, who stated nearly 100 years ago, “The biggest environmental disaster that we are seeing is our failure to understand the need to protect the quality of our water”. We are urged to change our relationship with Water. Our love and gratitude can transform Water – our bodies, our minds, our planet. Each time we see Water we can say thank you. Essentially, as Matt says, “Drink good water, think beautiful thoughts, and listen to good music, because water loves love and it loves music.”

See you and your beautiful vibes in the Common this 2020 …blessings a-plenty …. Wishing you a happy new year of going with the flow and having “the serenity to accept the things (you) cannot change, the courage to change the things (you) can and the wisdom to know the difference… Living one day at a time,
 Enjoying one moment at a time.” ?

For the full article and footnotes please see The Wisdom Keepers’ Water Ceremony at The Common, Glastonbury Festival (breatheourword.wixsite.com)

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