Glastonbury Festival’s first dedicated South Asian space, Arrivals has been designed in collaboration with Dialled In, Daytimers and Going South and is conceptualised by an entirely South Asian team.

The visitors to Arrivals will be transported through a portal to an alien jungle planet, immersed by an audio visual world coded in solar punk, carnivorous plants, cyborg beasts and space pirates. The space bridges across nostalgia to futurism, a sensory feast of vivid lights and colours, remixing the worlds of pulp sci-fi classics within a newly redefined South Asian aesthetic. Artists playing include the revered DJ Ritu, an icon of the 90s Asian Underground scene, as well as emerging artists such as Anish Kumar, Gracie T and mainstays like Manara and Nabihah Iqbal.

The stage is designed by Shankho Chaudhuri, Esha Sikander and Shirin Naveed and features the work of iIllustrator Osheen Siva.

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