Welfare provision at Glastonbury 2024

June 23, 2024

At Glastonbury Festival we have a number of welfare centres offering professional help and advice for all kinds of practical and personal problems. Below is a breakdown of the services available and where you can find them. Please feel free to drop by if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a quiet place to stop for a while.

Our three main welfare services are: Worthy Welfare, Green Welfare, and Worthy Rest:

Worthy Welfare
This is the main centre for practical welfare support, which is open 24 hours a day throughout the Festival. If your problem is practical rather than medical, try here first. A good place to go if you lose all your kit, for example – not least because they also handle Lost Property during the Festival. They also look after found children after 7pm (found kids are looked after in the Kidzfield until that time).

Green Welfare – run by ITHINC
Situated just beyond the railway line at the entrance to the Green Fields, Green Welfare is a good place to head for if you’re feeling under the weather or just need somewhere quiet to sit and chat to someone.

Worthy Rest
To compliment the support and care Glastonbury provides for Festival-goers and staff, Worthy Rest tents are situated in Silver Hayes and The Park. These are places where anyone can go if they need some time away from it all. Hosted by Mind, Ithinc Harm Reduction team and SARSAS (Somerset & Avon Rape And Sexual Abuse Support), they will offer a wellbeing area for anyone who needs advice with any mental health support, wants to discuss any alcohol or substance misuse concerns or feels unsafe due to sexual harassment or assault.

If a situation makes you or any Festival-goer feel uncomfortable, or if anyone is triggered by something that has happened in the past, this is a safe place to be.

Go and talk to Worthy Rest’s experienced support team. From sitting down for a cup of tea and a confidential chat, to more information about care and next steps at the Festival or after, they’re here to help.

These organisations are also on hand to provide specialised support, advice and counselling.

The Samaritans
The Festival Branch of Samaritans have been going to Glastonbury since 1974 offering 24 hour emotional support. They have a team of volunteers who work shifts throughout the day and night dealing confidentially with upset, depressed or suicidal people. The Samaritans’ tent (with prominent green and white “SAMARITANS” banners and huge flags) will be situated in the Main Markets area, near Whitelake Bridge, between the Pyramid and Other Stages.

See the Festival Branch website at www.festivalsamaritans.org. The admin address for Festival Samaritans is: info@festivalsamaritans.org. Samaritans national free phone number is 116 123. Or if you’d rather “talk” via email the address is: jo@samaritans.org.uk.

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