Use the property lock-ups & Challenge 21 wristbands

June 25, 2024


Anything can be safely stored at any of the 14 Property Lock-ups around the Festival site. The locations are marked on the Festival map, and at the entrances to the Lockups, by a black ‘keyhole’ logo. You can leave your belongings in safety – bicycles, trolleys, rucksacks, motorcycle leathers and helmets, car keys, medical supplies, passports, credit cards, wallets, train / coach tickets, whatever! – for however long you choose.

Property Lock-ups are open 24 hours a day and are free of charge to use. As well as looking after your belongings, the Lock-ups also distribute toilet rolls free of charge.

The Lock-ups open at 8am on the Wednesday and close at 12 noon on the Monday – so if you leave anything in the Lock-ups make sure that you pick up your belongings before then. (Anything left behind after this time will have to be claimed from Worthy Welfare and may not be available until after 4pm.)

The Lock-ups are run by volunteers from Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament groups, Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Brighton Peace and Environment Centre. Use the Lock-ups and support these groups campaigning for a more sustainable, peaceful society. Click here for our Facebook page.

Challenge 21 wristbands

The property Lock-ups will also be issuing ‘Challenge 21’ wristbands. The Festival operates a ‘Challenge 21’ policy for alcohol sales. If you look under 21, you will not be served alcohol unless you can prove you are over 18 – by presenting ID, or by wearing a ‘Challenge 21’ wristband. These will be available from the property lock-ups, on presentation of a valid form of photo ID. The following are acceptable forms of ID:

  • UK Driving Licence
  • Valid Passport
  • If you don’t want to bring your passport or driving licence, use a PASS ID. See for details.

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