The ETC 2024 Longlist is here - listen to the acts now!

March 19, 2024

We’re excited to announce the 90 acts on the longlist for our EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION 2024, which is supported by PRS for Music and the PRS Foundation. These acts were picked by our judging panel, made up of 30 of the UK’s best online music writers. 

We’d like to say a huge thanks to the many thousands of acts who entered the free contest, and the judges for helping to narrow them down to just 90 acts.

Listen to the playlist on youtube

Each of the writers has chosen their favourite three acts. They’re listed below, and check out the YouTube playlist of all the acts above.

These acts will now be whittled down to a shortlist of just 8 acts who will compete at April’s live finals for a slot on one of the main stages at this year’s Festival. The winners of the competition will also be awarded a £5,000 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize, to help take their songwriting and performing to the next level. Two runners-up will also each be awarded a £2,500 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize.

Absolute Radio

1 | Who Is Jack?
“I was immediately drawn to Who Is Jack? Incredible voice which is showcased perfectly in the track ‘Without.’ Accompanying that is the inventive production, mixing of genres which draws you in. Underneath all of this is such a great song and demonstrates a great talent for song writing.”

2 | Marie Naffah
Rust & Blue
“An incredible songwriter that captivates with her inventive and relatable story telling. Then there’s the voice, a powerful, distinct and rich vocal that has you hooked from the first word. A genuine talent that must be seen live to see her at her best.”

3 | Saina
Listen To My Voice
“Saina’s skill for songwriting creates a compelling soulful world that sounds fresh for 2024. Her voice is truly compelling and gives a distinctive feel to her music that will draw in anyone who hears it.”

Amazing Radio

1 | Slip Martin   
“Slip Martin has a great vocal range. The juxtaposition between subtle guitar and uplifting chorus shows his skill as a songwriter.”

2 | Ella Tobin    
The Ghost
“Ella Tobin’s voice is both beautifully fragile and powerful in equal measure. Strings, guitar and drum in perfect harmony. A future star in the popular folk music genre.”

3 | Nate Brazier    
“Nate Brazier’s take on modern R&B / Soul with a swing towards electronica is perfect. His music feels like it comes from a global star, even though he’s just on the rise.”

At the Barrier

1 | J Aliya
Not The One
“A fresh song from a very talented performer. There are some old school garage vibes here, but it is a completely modern piece. Her energy, attitude, use of melody and skills on the microphone will be enjoyed by many.”

2 | Rebecca
Chemical Love
“A relaxed acoustic vibe that would be the perfect soundtrack for a warm glow on a sunny Glasto day. An instantly catchy tune with a hint of ‘breaking my heart’ melancholy that encourages a warm sway.”

3 | Call Me Loop
Self Love
“Self Love can become an anthem. Call Me Loop has an eye for catchy hooks which is evident in the way that Self Love grows into a huge pop song with lyrics that focus on making sure you love yourself before anyone else.”

Atomic Vox

1 | Who Ate All The Crayons
5 Seconds
“Who Ate All The Crayons express their clear passion for their craft so intensely through their music, you can’t help but take notice. An extraordinary band of musicians and Berkshire’s best-kept secret, they’re certainly a band to catch live before they reach new levels of fame – it won’t be long.”

2 | Lo Rays
Die Beside You
“Self-described as ‘Post-apocalyptic pop’, Lo Rays’ futuristic style belongs on both a sci-fi film soundtrack and the radio waves of the present. Combining hard-hitting choruses with beautifully penned lyrics, they’re a true diamond in the rough. Their innate ingenuity across all areas of their output easily sets them apart.”

3 | Mirrors
“From the get-go, Mirrors is a band that knows how to capture a listener’s attention. They’re a powerful band, and their strengths lie in their introspective songwriting, ethereal vocalist, and ability to change tempos seamlessly. Flawlessly in sync, this hidden gem should definitely be on your radar.”

Charlie Ashcroft Freelance

1 | Talk Show
“Talk Show have concocted an impressive fusion of electronic textures, punk energy and memorable lyrical hooks. They’re wonderfully difficult to pigeon-hole. This band ooze star quality and clearly have a brilliant live set up their sleeve.”

2 | lau.ra
Do That
“As well as writing, releasing and remixing all kinds of dancefloor bangers in recent memory, lau.ra has an exciting, collaborative live show. An artist who’s always innovating.”

3 | Bryte
Zongo Boy
“With nods to his roots in Ghana and his current base in London, Bryte delivers a vibrant, multi-lingual tour de force to light up any dancefloor. He’s an engaging, compelling performer, with a keen eye for experimentation.”

Crack Magazine

1 | Danniella Dee
“Danniella Dee’s smooth vocals and tight backing band are a warm audio treat. With the rise in popularity of Soul / R&B singers, she is ready to reach a bigger audience.”

2 | Re Teu
“Re Teu are dynamic performers who already have quite a following. Their songs build and swirl into powerful music that belongs on a big stage.”

3 | Jessie Reid
Let Your Love Run Cold
“Beautiful harmonies and delicate vocals. Jessie Reid is a talented musician that understands how to build a song structure that pulls at the heart and stays in the head.”

Devil has the Best Tuna

1 | retropxssy
“Enchanting and hypnotic genre bending concoction that’ll twist your mind and tantalise your ear buds. Fading has it all, cool as ice rap, trippy beats that’ll melt your reality, and a dash of alternative pop that sounds like the future.”

2 | Room Service
“JCVD is a sonic explosion that’ll leave you feeling like you just downed a Red Bull chaser after binge watching a Jean Claude Van Damme anthology. This is a full-on, funny, funky feast, a banger that bangs hard.”

3 | Buoy Meets Krill
“Buoy Meets Krill serve up a minimalist, mesmerising sonic tapestry, with fragile harmonies and poetic lyrics that linger like whispers on the wind. Crystalline vocals, like shards of ice, weave a narrative that evokes a sense of nostalgia tinged with melancholy.”

Dots and Dashes

1 | Dogsbody
Let It Die
“There could only be one winner to my ears this year, and that is West Country-based quartet Dogsbody. Why? Well, there is the celestial vocal. “The promise of a short oblivion.” Its saxophonic centrepiece, offset by flashes of synthesiser. Splashed across five-plus minutes, it may be their début piece, but to me it’s a masterpiece.”

2 | Brian Grogan
Your Name
“Firmly rooted in the minor key of major heartbreak, Brian Grogan’s homely vocal may recall many a modern-day greats of the ‘indie-folk’ genre. From a dolorous Moon to the lachrymose Your Name, and “carr[y] a hefty weight.” Whether the shoulder loaned is there to cry upon or merely rendered to share the load, he can now call upon mine, as and whenever required.”

3 | Maddie Ashman
“Classical training put to contemporary use always makes for interesting listening, and the allure of Maddie Ashman was instant. Her cello – intricately layered, as it’s plucked, bowed and picked – provides the gently melancholic backdrop from which her voice, equivalently versatile, takes flight, gliding ever so elegantly on 6am.”

Dummy Mag

1 | Meduulla
“On Limbo, Meduulla exudes playful confidence over an ever-funky production from legendary The Mouse Outfit. She attacks the beat with an enthusiastic cadence and exciting flows that solidify her as a star in the making. Meduulla’s unmatched storytelling is exhibited with poise, versatility and finesse, showcasing talent beyond her years.”

2 | Theo Bleak
I Look Like A Fool To You
“Theo Bleak showcases her fiery pen juxtaposed with a wistful production. Don’t mistake her angelic vocal for sweetness as she proclaims “Well I hope you go to hell tomorrow” in this masterful indie anthem. The powerful yet sad chorus is captivating, emotive and utterly gut-wrenching.”

3 | Finches
Nothing Fixes Me Like You
“FINCHES mesmerising vocals hark back to a recent time past. The driving rhythm section makes “NOTHING FIXES ME LIKE YOU” an undeniable head-bopper that manages to be simultaneously yearning as much as it is feel-good. The addictive melodies of FINCHES will have them stuck in your head all day.”

Fifty3 Musings on Music

1 | Maya Lane
Bump Into Me
“Maya Lane simply has star quality, adept at blending bright pop tones with the bohemian vibe she carries at her core. She sounds as good live as on record, marrying vocal purity with an impressive range backed by a writing maturity beyond her years.”

2 | Eighty Eight Miles
“Eighty Eight Miles oozes personality with a sound that is not immediately easy to pigeonhole. There are nods to classic pop spanning the decades, yet the music is delivered with a freshness and wit all its own. Music to swoon to, not least over those glorious chord changes.”

3 | Juju
Just Okay
“Juju brings a theatricality to her music that makes her a natural, magnetic live performer. Her songs take on a life of their own, employing strong storylines and killer hooks as she brings alt-rock and dark pop influences to bear on her highly individual world.”

Gold Flake Paint

1 | George Houston
In Aeternum Vive
“Really stood out as something heartfelt, unique and accomplished. There’s a subtle, slightly haunting edge to George’s voice which really comes out in his work.”

2 | Georgia May
“Such a good track! The production and vocals are spot-on and the whole thing really comes together – says a lot by always holding something back.”

3 | Joe Winter
Laughing For The West
“Immediately made me want to listen to more of Joe’s work because that voice is something both spellbinding and unique – could definitely see it growing into something special.”

Laura Snoad Freelance

1 | Frances and The Majesties
All Of Time
“Packed with psychedelic weirdness, otherworldly vocals and a siren-like organ swell, this track by Frances and The Majesties radiates deep summer groove. The band mixes Turkish psych influences with the London neo-jazz zeitgeist, and feel fresh despite their nostalgic gaze. They’re also poised, electric live performers, with a wealth of material I can’t wait to explore.”

2 | simon a.
“At face value a song about alien visitation, this clever track by simon a. in fact mediates on the failings of human species to create an abundant utopia. It perfectly showcases simon’s huge vocal range and expressive flow and is matched with lush, laid-back production that can’t help emanate funk.”

3 | Sam Dotia
Rabbit Hole
“What first hits you about Sam Dotia is his sumptuous, almost heavenly voice. Repeat listens prove Sam an accomplished lyricist, not only capable of powerful images but with a natural ear for combining the sound and texture of words, emphasized by the delicate way he skips over syllables. Pure poetry.”

Louder Than War

1 | E.M. Kane
Wasted Time
“That voice! The opening is restrained, yet compelling. I found myself sitting in anticipation of just how much power was waiting to be unleashed by E.M. Kane, but I wasn’t ready for how much I got. The emotional ups and downs of this track are devastating and delicious in equally turbulent measures.”

2 | Neckbreakers
Waiting On Your Call
“Bright, light yet substantial from the start, Neckbreakers’ sound made me feel instantly energised. The voices blend, the guitars ring. It feels retro, yet new and fresh. I was so carried away with the spiritual uplift from their sound that I had to play it again straightaway.”

3 | Alessi Rose
eat me alive
“Within thirty-five seconds of listening to Alessi Rose, I found myself wishing I could have written a pop song as catchy as this one. The chorus has singalong splendour. The bitter and sinister undertones in the lyrics running against the joyful nature of the tune is the perfect contradiction.”

Mark Higgins Freelance

1 | Home Counties
Bethnal Green
“A thrilling combination of angular hooks, bleeps and bloops. The perfect soundtrack to a very weird road trip.”

2 | Darla Jade
Broken Armour
“Dreamy vocals and synths with a hugely engaging vocal. Shimmering, crystalline electro.”

3 | Euan Stamper
Fast Fashion
“I’ve never heard anything quite like this – spoken word over harmonium. The results are bewildering, beguiling and magical.

Mark Muldoon Freelance

1 | Tommy Down
Mrs Blue
“10/10 soul music perfection. Mrs Blue is a beautifully uncomplicated track – representing a finely-honed apex of the form – and lead by Tommy’s gorgeous, timeless vocal. The album – released just last month! – manages to maintain this startling quality.”

2 | The Ayoub Sisters
The Scottish Egyptian
“Arab-accented classical music here: close your eyes and you can imagine them playing in the corner of an Edinburgh or Dublin pub. Or, equally, the country’s grandest concert halls. Expect complex musicianship, then, but this track is also underpinned by deft rolling percussion that maintains a sharp urgency. It all builds so well you don’t even notice the exquisite climax it’s gradually – though certainly not straightforwardly – working its way towards.”

3 | Kynsy
Simple Life
“Simple Life is Kynsy’s all-out pop banger – an infectious indie dancefloor earworm – but this Dubliner has a strong, broad range of guitar-focused hit records elsewhere. She’s also got that perfect NME-leaning attitude – think The Strokes via Charli XCX.”

Michael Cragg Freelance

1 | KID 12
“There’s something really hypnotic about Dreams and the way KID 12’s voice nestles in amongst production that feels both lo-fi and really well-produced. It’s a really intriguing mix of genres, with a strong melodic sensibility from pop but underpinned by a very 2024 flash of indie. It has a special magic to it.”

2 | Olivia Nelson
“A great voice that oozes raw emotion and immediately captivates you. Is able to make her songs sound like instant classics, but with an edge that feels very now. Oblivion is clearly inspired by a large amount of trauma but has a distinct power to it too.”

3 | FHUR
“Big booming goth-pop! The production constantly evolves, which made it stand out, but without throwing the song out of the window. FHUR’s voice is intriguing enough to compete with everything that’s going on sonically, which is actually much harder to do than people realise. Really intriguing.”

Music Liberation

1 | Youth Sector
The Ball
“A band that oozes in confidence and swagger, lifting spirits with their up-tempo beats whilst at the same time challenging opinions with politically charged lyrics. Youth Sector have important things to say and you’re going to have a fun time listening to them!”

2 | SpaceAcre
That Girl
“Whilst this track sits in the alternative pop sphere, a deeper dive into SpaceAcre reveals a duo who can also create tender and ethereal tracks with beautiful dreamy harmonies, creating a real immersive listening experience.”

3 | parthenope
“Soulful vocals and a breezy guitar launch Parthenope on a steady course, and her gorgeous saxophone helps propel her towards the top of her contemporary jazz peers.”

Music like Dirt

1 | Chubby Cat
Not A Vibe
“Chubby Cat is like catching an unexpected ray of sunlight on a gloomy day. Her alt-pop gems have a ‘take me as I am’ positive energy. Whether flanked by three Irish drag queens in the gloriously celebratory ‘Not a vibe’ video or sat on a throne singing live, you can’t help but conclude – as one of her song hooks goes – ‘it’s so f***ing good.’ “

2 | Static Caravan
British Rail Class 170 Turbostar
“Static Caravan’s epic, train-themed, electro-Krautrock single got my attention but the band’s ability to hop and blend genres on each track hooked me in. Thumping 808’s give way to dreampop meets the Go! Team with Peter Hook on bass and the lyrics are equally compelling. If a band can touch on diesel trains, Ceefax and the effect of GM on the colour of dogsh*t in five minutes, then I’m all in.”

 3 | shtepi
Holy Smokes
“Shtëpi stand out from the waves of art punk-alikes courtesy of some fine songwriting chops and a head bashingly intense live show. With Theremin, jagged guitar riffs and a singer bellowing into a 1970s orange trim phone, they’d grace any Glastonbury stage.”

Natty Kasambala – Freelance

1 | Tilly Valentine
“Tilly has such a delicate and poetic voice, sonically and lyrically. I love the blend of classic influences here with contemporary electronic inflections, the placement and balance feels so subtle and considered. Her track is bittersweet and enveloping at the same time, in a distinctly British and refreshing way.”

2 | Rowan
Nothing’s Gonna Change
“This band has a real effortless ease in their performance and the lead vocalist has such rich tone and emotion in his delivery. Their songs are expertly constructed, just catchy enough whilst still feeling fresh and original – quite addictively uplifting too.”

3 | Gen and the Degenerates
Girl God Gun
“Gen and the Degenerates feel like a splash of cold water to the face. The irreverent songwriting of this track feels exciting and impressive. Familiar in its call to action whilst still offering something new and modern. A charismatic lead and a super tight band as well that’ll ensure a must-see performance.”

1 | Problem Patterns
Letter of Resignation
“Belfast four-piece punk band follow in the fine tradition of fellow Northern Irish act The Undertones, writing about   everyday life, and whatever makes them angry, through witty, tongue in cheek lyrics. Their 2023 debut album Blouse Club is garnering critical acclaim and their track Letter of Resignation is a particular standout. Who hasn’t wanted to say “you can’t fire me, I’m leaving” at least once in their life!”

2 | Natalie Lindi
“Natalie Lindi’s has ensured she is already a recipient of the MOBO awards unsung class of 2022 award. This London based singer with a beautifully soulful voice, sounds and performs like a contender for a main stage. Her track Keeper showcases her fantastic song writing ability with its heartful lyrics and melody.”

3| Joe T Johnson    
“Joe T Johnson’s unique indie music sound is full of 90s and New Wave influences. His debut EP English Elegance has already brought him national attention, which was cemented a year later with the release of his track Twist, a woozy, psychedelic new wave gem.”


1 | Caleb Kunle
All in Your Head
“Caleb Kunle’s music is why festivals exist. This is a blue tent, heart beating flashing light joy of a song. This is music at its finest.”

2 | Georgian
“Georgian brings us in and then down to the depths. The more I listen to Soleil the more mysterious this song gets. Just when the sun starts to shine she wrecks us on the rocks and we are pressing play again. Right back where we started. It’s a wonderful loop.”

3 | Mouse Teeth
“Nancy Dawkins is my new favourite writer. Mouseteeth is one of the most exciting bands I have heard in a long time. ‘Rituals’ is powerful and brilliant. Her writing makes it an easy song to keep putting on repeat. With each listen new magic appears.

Rhys Buchanan Freelance

1 | Backroad Gee
Under Attack
“This explosive track and unique delivery proves Backroad Gee has all the makings of a superstar in his stomping ground.”

2 | Imogen and the Knife
Mother of God
“I absolutely love the grit buried beneath the surface of this swaggering ballad. A commanding presence, it’s not hard to see why Imogen carries serious momentum.”

3 | Latir
“A powerful ode to home and all its flaws, there’s a beautiful darkness at play that evokes the brilliance of Massive Attack.”

Sim Rollison Freelance

You’re a Lot
“Sistra are already finding an audience and it’s not hard to see why. A heady combination of quiet, reflective moments, and layered indie-electronic atmosphere, ‘You’re A Lot’ has got some real heart to it and a chorus that stays with you.”

“If this Dublin five-piece can keep delivering tracks as strong as ‘Sundays Are Always Quiet’, then they’re sure to have a big future. It’s a track with immediate appeal, melancholic overtones, and jammed full of hooks.”

3 | Temm
Move On
“Move On’ is really striking. Temm’s evocative performance brings to mind so many soulful voices that have come before her, distinctive yet familiar, powerful yet vulnerable, it can sit in that canon next to the best of them.”

The Close Encounter Club

1 | Some Remain
Knuckle Sandwich
“This is a really exciting slice of Irish punk rock and a stark reminder of why this genre is so thrilling. ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ is a mosh pit-friendly anthem with an earworm baseline to boot.”

2 | Internet Cafe
“This super fun, effervescent electro pop gem is a highly addictive and multi-dimensional track that has our finger firmly hovering above the repeat button.”

3 | Jonathan Patel
Out of My Mind
“The soulful and jazz inflected tones of ‘Out of My Mind’ begs to be heard in festival fields across the country with its warm and nourishing sound.”

The Face

1 | Teeg
“TEEG’s sound is really on-point and contemporary. By combining blissful synths with a punchy trap beat and a relaxed but dextrous flow, he fits in with a new wave of underground UK hip-hop – which is often (mis)labelled “chill rap” or “chill drill”. TEEG reels off countless memorable punchlines on Ringing.

“There are a lot of bands making this kind of music – dream pop with jangly guitars and ethereal vocals – but Dystopia are doing it much better than most. The three piece have crafted a beautiful wall of sound and their singing voices complement each other gracefully. This song is catchy, uplifting and just a little bit melancholic.”

3 | Nadia Kadek
Feeling It All
“It’s not easy to hold someone’s attention with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, but Nadia Kadek’s voice is really arresting. She’s able to sustain notes in a way that stirs up a lot of emotion. This song stopped me in my tracks.”

The House of Coxhead

1 | Izzy Withers
“A very talented and creative young artist. She has a beautiful voice and seems to have what’s required to make it in this industry. Excited to see what’s to come in the next year or so.”

2 | NIJI
Somewhere in the Middle
“Some serious jazz music, which looks and sounds brilliant from the live performance video. Can imagine this going down VERY well at Glastonbury.”

3 | Lil Sykes
Drill v grime
“An exciting drill artist, who has been hustling for some time now and seems to be operating at a very high level, whether that’s with his bars, production or content.”


1 | ladylike
“A warm, winding concoction of folk, country, and psych – ladylike’s debut single is an expertly executed exercise in tension. The cyclical rhythm and structure and the deliciously morish vocals combine to produce a song fully formed, in control but constantly on the edge of unravelling. The tension and the release in the chaotic guitars that begin and end the song – just ridiculously addictive.”

2 | JayaHadADream
Feeling Like
“Masterful word play, beautifully layered production, and a flow uniquely hers, Jaya Gordon-Moore – aka JayaHadADream – is a real one and “Feeling Like” feels like only the beginning. Jaya wastes no time and pulls no punches, creating a rich musical landscape that speaks to a wide variety of influences and shows her experimental nature. There’s just something so captivating and confident here.”

3 | Chloe Slater
24 hours
“The moment Chloe Slater ruminates in half sung / half spoken tones “It’s not clear if I am ripening or rotting” in the opening seconds of “24 hours” you realise this is exactly the kind of alt pop you’ve been craving. Slater’s cutting lyrics and sarcastic delivery take aim squarely at privilege and social media, while the textured and gritty production take the song to another level.”

The Line of Best Fit (Paul Bridgewater)

1 | Jodie Nicholson
You Wanted This
“Jodie’s grasp of nuance in her songwriting – both instrumentally and vocally – really stood out among the entries this year for me. A perfect dramatic convergence of cinematic depth and emotive pop, I can’t wait to hear more of her music – she’s frighteningly talented.”

2 | Fine
Shade of Blue ft. Jess Edie
“FINE’s music is this beautiful mixture of bedroom production and club banger, moving from this very intimate downtempo to something more shuffling and dance-oriented. It’s so well put-together and well thought out, I instantly wanted to hear more.”

3 | Hongza
I’m Fine I’m Alright
“I like how big and fully realised Hongza’s music is. There’s a nice continuation in his sound of everything that’s been happening in indie music the last few years – big choruses, big guitars and a really ambitious sonic palette. Excited to see where he takes it next.”

Too Many Blogs

1 | Zoka The Author
“Love the beat, love the flow. I was invested in this one firstly, because of the video, but then by just how great the track is. A catchy as hell chorus just rounds up what is one of the most complete songs I had to judge.”

2 | Con
Left you behind
“The fact that this is only a demo is scary and the potential for this song to be huge, is massive. A pop banger with great vocals and superb rhythm section. The chorus has Con repeating “I don’t think you’ll forget me” and based on this showing, I don’t think I will, either.”

3 | SoftTop
“A song that got my attention almost immediately, but once it hit the chorus I was fully reeled in. An absolutely lovely vocal is surrounded by a dreamy sounding piano and wood instruments, ending with everything coming together to create a track that I immediately fell in love with.”

Under the Radar

1 | Auger
“Incredible potential here. Both the studio and live recordings exude quality. Auger is clearly at a stage where he’s ready to move up to the next level.”

2 | Affection To Rent
If We Fall
“Really interesting range of sounds and a breath of fresh air among so many homogenous entries this year.”

3 | Daxx & Roxane
Ticket To Rock
“Always great to hear metal in this competition, and these guys clearly have what it takes.”

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