Sound recordings at Glastonbury

It is illegal to make recordings of performances at Glastonbury without the performer’s permission. You may also need the permission of a record label and a music publisher. This includes both audio and audio visual recordings. And you would need our permission to record on-site at the Glastonbury Festival.

If you are performing at Glastonbury and wish to make a recording of your own performance for your own archive, or for private use, that should not be a problem. You should let us know though.

However, if you want to make a recording for commercial use then you MUST ask for permission from the Festival. The BBC record six stages at Glastonbury and have certain exclusive rights. However we can usually discuss use of those recordings with you. Please also note that the words ‘Glastonbury’ and ‘Glastonbury Festival’ are registered Trade Marks owned by the Festival and need to be separately licensed for any commercial use.

Please contact our Broadcast team if you would like to make a recording.

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