Glastonbury Theatre & Circus Arts Commissions 2020

Glastonbury Theatre & Circus Arts Commissions
deadline 3rd February 2020

Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Fields are commissioning 6 new shows for the Glastonbury Festival 2020. Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Arts Commissions are offering seed money for performers who are now ready to take on their own work, with funding from Glastonbury Festivals Events Limited and the Arts Council.

We are looking for some new experiences and shows for our audiences that are spectacular and brave, and that work well with the creative atmosphere and scale of the Festival.

We will shortlist mid-February 2020 when we may contact the short-listed applicants, and will reply to all applicants as soon as possible. Finalists will be announced at the end of February 2020. This project is funding pending until the point of finalists being announced.

We will utilise the massive infrastructure of the Festival to stage these shows. We will mentor the selected commissions in their planning and creation prior to, and throughout the Festival. We will also support in taking the shows to a wider audience in the time after the festival.

Outdoor Installation
– The first is £3,500 for an outdoor interactive installation to run throughout the 4 days of the Theatre & Circus Fields at the Festival. It could be something that is installed for the 4 days, or something that is set-up each day, or even something with no set-up. A large amount of audience should be able to participate in this (upwards of 250 per day) and it should be as weather proof as possible.

Outdoor show
– The second is £5,000 for an outdoor show to run throughout the 4 days of the Theatre & Circus Fields at the Festival. It could be something that is either on the wall at the Festival for the 4 days, or something that is set-up each day, or even something with no set-up. and it should be as weather proof as possible.

Large Scale Circus Show
– The third is £6,000 for a large-scale circus show for the big top to be performed on three -four days of the Festival. This show should have at least 3 performers, be at least 30 minutes long and contain a high skill level. The budget should include lighting and sound design. This show should also be given a showing prior to the festival. We will provide you with a directorial outside eye on this commission and production skills mentoring.

Small Circus Show
– The fourth is £1,500 for a show for three – four days of the Festival in the circus big top, it should be between 8 and 15 minutes long, contain a high skill level and be able to have an impact on the 1,000 + audience that will see it.

Street Theatre/ walkabout Show commissions
– The fifth and sixth is £1,250 each for a street theatre show to be performed for 3 days of the Festival. It should be able to run for 2 x 45 minute slots per day, but the performance timings should be tailored to the piece whilst making the best use of the opportunity to play with and to our audiences. This show will have to work in wet weather.

How to Apply – Application Process
Please read through the FAQ’s below then paste this form into your word processing software and when completed, please convert it back into a PDF to send to us. Each PDF, with images, should be no larger than 2MB and please send only 1 document.

If you wish to propose more than one idea please create a separate proposal for each one.

1. Please state which commission(s) you are proposing an idea for;

2. In no more that 500 words, please outline your proposed idea for one or more of the commissions listed above;

3. If this idea is already a work in progress please describe in no more than 250 words how far you have got with it and what work has already been done;

4. Please highlight to us any major factors in realising the idea, e.g. Plant hire, excessive power demand, large scale props or trussing or any other factors that you feel may need special consideration;

5. In no more than 250 words, please give details of any previous relevant experience you may have relating to your idea;

6. Where possible, please give details of the team you would be bringing, their role in your idea and their skill sets;

7. As far as you are able, please provide a cost breakdown for the creation and production of your idea;

8. Please provide your contact details
Phone number:
Any online presence you wish us to look at (e.g. website, Facebook);

9. Please include any graphic representation of ideas structures or layout that may help us to understand your idea;

Please ensure that your team is available for the time necessary to fulfill your proposal.

Please send your application in PDF format to with the title as your surname followed by ‘application 2020’ (e.g. McLeod application 2020).
Please also add a header to your document with your surname and page number.
If you need to contact us please email the above address.


· How big is the Circus Big Top tent? 48m round.
· How big is the Circus Big Top stage? 10m by 10m.
· Can I use fire? Yes.
· How much space can I use for the installation? If we think your idea is suitable, we will endeavor to give you the space needed.
· Should I include CV’s? – No, please include a link to an online CV if you want to.
· Is there a limit to the amount of performers/ crew that I can bring with me? We are limited in the amount of tickets that we can allocate to these commissions so company sizes will have to be within
· What should my budget include? If relevant then please remember to include amounts for: travel, space hire prior to the festival, equipment purchase or hire, costumes, paying your crew and performers for the development time and, separately, for their time at the festival.
· What will you provide? We can provide basic site infrastructure such as power, Heras fencing, lighting, stewards, scaffolding etc. and will provide more specific requirements if possible.
· Do I need to have insurance? Each performer should have personal public liability insurance to perform at the festival. Under certain circumstances, we may be able to assist in this.
· I already have funding to create a show, can I apply for match funding? If this is the case then please tell us who the match funding that you have is from, and for how much.
· Are the commissions only open to UK artists? Ideally but not exclusively. Foreign artists will be
responsible for arranging their own visas and work permits.
· How do I turn my document into a PDF? Most word processing software will allow you to save as PDF or you can do it via the web. We use
· I applied last year, should I apply again? Unless your idea has changed then there is no need to apply again
·The wall is a 9m wide x 10m high wall suitable for wall running with a stage at the foot of it.


Thank you for your interest in the Theatre & Circus Glastonbury Arts Commissions 2020 organised by Theatre & Circus, Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd (the ‘Glastonbury Festival’, the ‘Festival’ and ‘We’).

Please note the following important information and terms and conditions:

• Entries will be accepted online only from 9am (09.00) on the 13th January until 12pm (00.00) GMT on the 3rd February 2020.
• Shortlisting will be informed by the 14th February 2020
• Finalists will be informed by 28th February 2020

1) You will need to follow the submission process listed above in ‘How to Apply’
2) There is no charge for applying for these commissions
3) The entry process, judging process and final decisions will follow this procedure:

– The Glastonbury Arts Commissions team and any partners will select finalists and contact them to confirm their acceptance.
– All other applicants will be informed of the decision as soon as possible after finalists are confirmed

The Finalists must agree
– to the normal requirements placed on performers, namely:
– To perform at the time notified to them (for the agreed length of time);
– Agree to any filming or recording as required;
– Work with the Stage Manager and meet all Health and Safety requirements;
– Provide safe working equipment
– Provide one colour press image of print resolution size, and one biography (one side A4), both pre-cleared for all media uses.
Glastonbury Festival reserves the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions in its discretion without notice.


Glastonbury Festival is committed to protecting your personal information.
Your personal information provided as part of the Glastonbury Festival ‘Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Arts Commissions’ (otherwise known as GAC) will be stored and processed by the Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Arts Commissions (GAC) Team, solely for the purpose of assessing and running the Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Arts Commissions.
Your personal information provided may be shared with GFEL contracted companies (e.g. security companies, ticket printers) solely for the purpose of administering the project and will never be shared with or sold to other third parties.
Your personal data will be retained for a maximum of one year or the period of the project if it extends beyond one year, before being securely deleted.


For more information about how the Festival processes data, and your rights as a data subject, please refer to the full Glastonbury Festival Privacy Policy which can be found here.

All the best,

The Glastonbury Theatre & Circus Arts Commissions team

Photos: Inept Gravity showing Eloize Currie (top) and The Jersey Girls (second pic)

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